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When a heart breaks by SorcererHunter When a heart breaks by SorcererHunter

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"It can grow back crooked, it grows back twisted and gnarled and hard."

character © SorcererHunter
artwork © SorcererHunter


He is a Seasonal breeders :eyes:
▶ Name : ( Insane Seto ) Satomi A. sorcerer
▶ Age : 1,018 | 17-18
▶ Gender : Male ♂ 
▶ Height - 173 cm ( 5'8 ) 
▶ Birthday - April 26 
▶ Blood type - A
▶ Weight - 76.657 kg ( 169 lb )
▶ Sexuality - 
▶ Companion - Aiden ( Demon )

   ◢ P e r s o n a l i t y ◤
◄  kind | practical | non-nonsense | stubborn | independent | provocative | confident | aggressive  ►

 ◢ P r e f e r e n c e s ◤

▬▬▬▬▬▬ ✓ ▬▬▬▬▬▬

+ Sweets
+ Sugar
+ Nighttime
+ Sunsets
+ The moon and stars
+ Music 
+ Hayley Willams
+Taylor York

+ Paramore | Icon for hire | Three days Grace | Superchic(k)
+ Fluffy things 
+ Bunnies | Kittens | Puppies 
+ Animals
+ Cooking { sshshdhshhdhshssshshshshshsh- }

▬▬▬▬▬▬ ✗▬▬▬▬▬▬ 

- Water
- Water
- Rain
- Pools
- Humans | People 
- Eating
- Pills
- Anything with water
- Being a seasonal breeder [ Means they have mating seasons | July 1-26 ]

◢ H i s t o r y ◤

The youngest from 17 older siblings and oldest of only 1 sibling.
since he was a little his life depended on a special pill that keeps him alive
His life starts in Tokyo, in a middle class family. Mom's a housewife, dad's a successful business man, since there where many siblings they something's got a babysitter to help out with the kids since there where 19 children in total. They would go and play in the forest almost everyday with the animals and creatures. One by one they staring going to school, he went to an Elementary school there he meet many friends they all had fun together. In home all siblings loved there father and always crowded around him, he knew he'll never have time to spend with his father cause all his busy work so he was more of a 'Mommy's little boy'  and spent time with his mother since she had a lot of time to waist cause she was a house wife and never really left, only to go shopping and stuf.

While spending time with his mother he helped around the house and even started to help her making breakfast | Lunch | dinner for  21 people. Nau /mother\ sometimes got sick and he took over and cleaned the house from top to bottom and made food for everybody, he and his father never had any time together so he  can't do man-stuff. Going to Middle school he looked a lot like a girl and since he had a girls name he would get bullied for it. He has a uniform specially made for him since he was surprisingly small ( a bit taller than 3 feet but not exactly 4 feet ) when he changed to his track clothing the other boys would take his uniform and rip it or burn it, so he would have to wear a girls uniform for all his Middle school years he didn't mind at all, being his cheerful self and always smiling self. He went to highschool which they did the same but he didn't mind much cause he was more into his studies then what he was wearing.

Getting older he kinda snapped and almost 'accidentally' killed one of his sibling from a lot of pressure, since his mother disappeared with no trace and all came down on him harshly, with all he was left with cleaning the house /which was 3 floors\ everyday, cooking, helping his siblings going shopping for food and ingredients, that he got a job to help support his family. Cooking was getting harder since everybody was becoming a very picky eater, so he spend a lot of time going to cooking classes and paying more attention to his family than his own studies for collage. He was sent to a Insane Asylum where he lost expressions and happy emotions, all he could feel was nothing. After around 2 years living there a new girl came in the asylum, he never interacted with anybody but then the newbie came to pick a 'fight' hearing that he has a magican's blood in his veins. Hearing that from the newbie he got confused and kinda re-snaped again. As he made eye contact with the girl he recognized her being his 'middle school and highschool' crush. After years he pretended to act like he was getting better to leave the hospital since a few months before Natsuki was released.

Satomi moved in with Natsuki and had a lot of fun together, they lived in a small house close to the woods and a lake. After dating and living together they decided to get married, that they decided to moved from Japan to here [where ever this place is]. Natsuki had a special ability to hear better than any human or Model, she had the ability to hear hearts and what they're feeling so she knew Satomj/Insane loved her. A few months later after marriage and moving [here] they decided they wanted to have a child, when they found out Natsuki was pregnant;both of them were really happy about the new comer. Satomi learned to use magic and went back to studying. Natsuki got a job at clothing designs. When Natsuki due date came, she was blamed for a crime of murder, and being a witch [ last part is true ] so after giving birth a lovely boy. The people wanted to do it like in the older days and they burned Natsuki and the newborn which they named Hiroshi. All that he had left of them was there wedding rings  and a stuffed little cat stuffed animal.


After the incident Satomi when mad again, and since he knew magic he went out of control. Being sent to a 'specials' hospital, they forced him to use magic even if he didn't want to. He meet new friends who he found out used special pills to be kept alive. In the place he wanted to stop taking pills, but he was forced to take them. Kei and Yoshiki who he meet there who are a air model and a sea creature model  are the best of friends for about 183 years.
after running away and being accepted by a annoying boy girl he's lived there for a few months he moved out and lived in a 3-4 story house but never goes on the other floors the first floor has everything he needs so be doesn't bother going up there.

Stuff has happened and he meet new friends and one of them was a cute boy going by the name Ant, he only saw the younger male as a little brother, but stuff started happening and he started developing feelings for the small male. After finding out Ant was taken, he bottled of his feelings, he didn't really care afterwards and lived on.
After who knows Ant came and talked to, spilling that he and his husband? (They were married right?) haven't been talking. He decided to comfort Ant, but then the admins came and locked them up in a closet and left them there until they had sex- ant being a girl-
after that Ant found out she was pregnant

 ꒰⌯͒•̩̩̩́ ˑ̫ •̩̩̩̀⌯͒꒱

And within a few weeks she found out there were twin.
Satomj had bottled his feelings and they had vanished, but spending more Time with Ant his feelings started coming back.
now both of them are gonna get married

꒰♡ˊ͈ ु꒳ ूˋ͈꒱.⑅*♡

◢ R e l a t i o n s h i p s ◤

:iconask-shadowseto: - Fuck You | No | Okay | Yes | LOVEYOU 
" I love/hate you."

:iconask-insane-antvenom: - Fuck You | No | Okay | Yes | LOVEYOU | Fiancé 
" <3 <3 <3 love you my love, and our two developing daughters."

:iconaskheartlesslox: Fuck You | No | Okay | Yes | LOVEYOU 
" Your okay."

:icons-etosorcerer: Fuck You | No | Okay | Yes | LOVEYOU 
" I think ten children are enough."
" And I'm not gonna be there mother- ( ≧Д≦)"
" Oh fuck you, Im out of here fucker- "

:iconpotions-and-sorcery: Fuck You | No | Okay | Yes | LOVEYOU 
" I will murder you onii-chan."

Hiroshi Sasaki Sorcerer - Fuck You | No | Okay | Yes | LOVEYOU 
[ Insane's First born child and only son, was burned after being born for being the son if a moon demon model sorcerer and a snake model witch ]

Natsuki Noah Nozaki- Fuck You | No | Okay | Yes | LOVEYOU
[ deceased wife, burned alive for being a witch and a crime that she never committed ]
" I like it when you hear my heart~"

Beatrix - Fuck You | No | Okay | Yes | LOVEYOU 
[ Daughter, youngest daughter at the moment ]
" Your always be mommy's little girl."

Nau Hayley Lunatik { Mother | 18,059 | Cat model demon  } - Fuck You | No | Okay | Yes | LOVEYOU 

Somei Kamil Sorcerer { Father | 20,003 | Moon human model  } - Fuck You | No | Okay | Yes | LOVEYOU 

Kei & Yoshiki- Fuck you | No | ꒰·͡ुˑ·ཻू꒱ෆ⃛ | yes | LOVEYOU | Best friend 

" Who do you think you are- "

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